My main interests are in Bayesian statistical modelling for cost-effectiveness analysis and decision-making problems in the health systems. During my PhD I have specifically focused on the study and adoption of Bayesian methods to handle missing data in health economic evaluations and to assess the impact of their uncertainty on the output of the decision-making process. My research area involves different topics: from systematic literature reviews, case study applications, survival analysis, meta-analytic methods, multilevel models and trial-based clinical and economic analyses.

I am a member of the Statistics for Health Economic Evaluation research group in the Department of Statistical Science at UCL, where I collaborate with academics from different institutions with the common objective to provide advice to statisticians, health economists and clinicians working in economic evaluations. I am also a member of the Health Economics Analysis and Research methodology Team in the Institute for Clinical Trials and Methodology at UCL, working primarily with the members of the Priment Clinical Trials Unit. The group focuses on the development of methodological tools for the analysis of the economic components in randomised control trials across a wide range of clinical areas and is formed by a group of interdisciplinary and varied experience.


  • Missing Data
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Health Economics
  • Longitudinal Data


  • PhD in Statistics, 2019

    University College London (UK)

  • MSc in Statistics and Econometrics, 2015

    University of Essex (UK)

  • MSc in Applied Economics, 2014

    University of Pavia (Italy)

  • BSc in Economics, 2012

    University of Pavia (Italy)