Department of Statistical Science


Project List

List of current R projects

  • BCEAweb - Gianluca Baio, Polina Hadjipanayiotou, Andrea Berardi, Anna Heath
    BCEAweb provides a web interface to the R package BCEA, designed to post-process the results of a statistical model and standardise health economic evaluations, as described in the following graph.
  • bmetaweb - Gianluca Baio, Tao Ding
    bmetaweb provides a web interface to the R package bmeta, designed to use Bayesian meta-analytic methods for evidence synthesis.
  • EVSI - Anna Heath, Gianluca Baio
    Provides a general purpose visualisation tool for the output of an analysis of the Expected Value of Sample Information (EVSI).
  • Markov model for cost-effectiveness analysis in oncology - Gianluca Baio and Katrin Haeussler
    A general template/example for a structured cost-effectiveness analysis of a cancer drug based on a "Markov model", modelling progression of patients across 4 disease states